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Denture Patient reviews

Denture review

Comment by patient, 

One of my patients from Homebush West talked with me in my clinic after I made a new pair of natural looking dentures for him.

“Got an upper metal base full denture and lower metal partial denture made by a dentist in Sydney several years ago, the upper full denture was very loose and the lower partial denture was very uncomfortable. After founding you, the dental prosthetist, I get a new set of upper and lower dentures from your clinic. The upper dental plate was extremely tight and fitting well. The lower plate was highly comfortable and stable. Now, I can confidently smile, speak and eat with my new dentures. I told the dental prosthetist at Bob Song Denture Clinic in Parramatta that I ever had lots of dentures made in my life by other dentists and were not happy with the dentures. I am not sure whether Bob is the best dental prosthetist in Sydney, however he is the best dental posthetist for me. I am not sure whether Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta is the best denture clinic in Sydney, but it is the best denture clinic for me.”