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Tooth Replacement Options, Cost

Missing tooth or teeth? Looking for the tooth replacement options and cost in Sydney? Here, I would like to discuss the major tooth replacement options, cost in Australia.  

Missing tooth can be caused by gum disease, tooth decay, trauma, or the tooth never erupted after the baby tooth lost. Currently, there are mainly three tooth replacement options available at the dental field in Australia.

The first tooth replacement option is dental implant to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

If you are suitable for a dental implant and the implant is done successfully, they are good and working well. However, tooth replacements by dental implants are expensive and need some dental surgery. Some people may not be able to afford the cost of doing the implant. The cost of dental implants to replace missing teeth is at least above several thousand dollars in Australia. For a single tooth dental implant, the cost is expected to be from $5000 to $6000 in Australia, although some dental clinics may charge as cheap as $1500 in Sydney. Except for the expensive cost of dental implants, some people might be afraid of the dental surgery.

The second tooth replacement option is crown and bridge dental work.

The crown bridge work is also good and working well. They are fixed and are not needed to be removed for cleaning every day. It works similar to your real teeth. However, dentist need to drill the adjacent teeth of your missing tooth smaller in order to fit and bond the artificial teeth. This tooth replacement costs less than the dental implant but they will still be quite expensive. The cost of single crown in Australia is usually from $1000 to $2000 dollars.

The third tooth replacement option is dentures.

Dentures can work effectively when made well. Dental surgery is not needed for making dentures. Dentures can be made from different materials including acrylic, flexible nylon and cast metal. The other good part of dentures is that if you have lost one or more teeth, denture teeth can be easily added to the existing dentures with a fraction of the cost of the dental implant and the crown. The denture cost is less expensive and is around $1000 dollars in Australia. Dentures are probably the cheapest tooth replacement option. For a single tooth denture, you can get it as cheap as $599 in Australia. However, the disadvantage of dentures is that you can always feel the existence of dentures in your mouth, and you will need to remove it every night and clean it.

After looking at the three main tooth replacement options, costs in Australia, every tooth replacement option has it benefits and disadvantages.  Therefore, you should choose the right option according to your own circumstances. If you want to get your missing tooth replaced quickly and affordable, dentures are the best option. In our denture clinic the cost of one tooth denture is from $599. Our dentures are affordable and comfortable. Tooth replacement cost is from $599 and affordable at our denture clinic. Phone us now on 02 9687 6268 to get your missing teeth replaced with low cost. 

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