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Full Dentures

Full dentures

What are full dentures?

Full dentures are used for replacing all missing teeth and surrounding soft tissues and hard bone. Well made full dentures can restore your looking, help you eat and smile confidently. 

Types of full dentures

There are mainly two types of full dentures. 

Acrylic base full dentures---- these kind of dentures are made of acrylic base and acrylic denture teeth.

Cast metal base full dentures or stainless steel full dentures----- they are made of metal base and acrylic teeth.

Advantages of these two type of full dentures

Acrylic base full dentures can be easily relined in the future if the underlying tissue shrinked or resorbed. The colour of acrylic is similar to gum colour. 

Cast metal base full dentures or stainless steel full dentures are very strong and nearly impossible to break. Metal dentures are also very thin. 

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