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Emergency Dentures Sydney

Emergency Dentures

Emergency dentures done fast!

Missing Tooth? Lost Denture? We can make an emergency denture for you in a same day. Emergency Dentures can also be done in 24 hour, 48 hours, several days and within a week. Call us now 02 9687 6268 to get an emergency replacement of your missing tooth, lost dentures at Bob Song Denture Clinic in Parramatta! 

Sometimes, you may need an emergency denture in your life. You need the denture for a holiday, wedding, appointment, visiting friends, dropping relatives, work or business trip? You want to get good looking and confidence by wearing the emergency dentures. We can help you make it happen at our denture clinic.

Common scenario for emergency dentures

·         Missing Tooth by itself  

·         MissingTeeth by themselves 

·         Tooth or teeth extracted by your dentist recently

·         Lost existing dentures

·         Very loose dentures

·         Completely broken dentures

Options of same day Emergency Dentures

1.       If you have an existing denture, we can add tooth or teeth to your existing dentures.

2.       Get new temoprary dentures at our clinic

Purpose of same day dentures

·         Same day dentures are mainly used for cosmetic purpose only

·          They are short term, temporary.

Once your gum settled, you can get your dentures relined in the future and make it fit better and last longer.


After you get same day dentures made, you need to plan your long term tooth replacement. 

Common Tooth replacement options:

·         Dentures,

·         Crown,

·         Crown and bridge

·         Implant.

At Bob Song Denture Clinic, we only do dentures. For dentures, if you want to get a permanent denture, please visit other pages of our denture services.  If you need other tooth replacement options please ask you dentist or other specialist.

We need to look at the conditions of your existing dentures and oral health to determine whether we can make the denture for you in one day or not. In our experience, most cases can be done in one day.