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Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures

What are flexible dentures?

Flexible dentures are one type of Partial Dentures.They are made of thermoplastic denture materials. Flexible dentures material are softer than conventional acrylic denture materials. Flexible dentures will generally be felt more comfortable in the mouth. They are also flexible and strong.

Advantage of flexible dentures

The biggest advantage of flexible dentures is that metal clasps are not needed to hold the denture in place in the mouth. Flexible denture clasps or hooks serve the same retention purpose as metal clasps and hooks do. The color of the flexible denture material can be chosen to match the similar gum color as you have. It is nearly invisible to other people. Flexible dentures can be best used for front teeth dentures. They are cosmetic and bring aesthetics, confidence to you.

How to look after your flexible dentures 

In our denture clinic, we use TCS thermoplastic system. TCS flexible dentures are very easy to care for.

Caring for your flexible denture is part of maintaining good oral health. In order to keep them looking and feeling like new, please follow these simple recommendations.

Cleaning your flexible dentures:

  1. Continue to brush your natural teeth and gums as directed by your dentist or dental prosthetist.

  2. Clean your flexible denture daily. Rinse under warm running water for approximately 10-30 seconds to remove any food particles.

  3. Gently brush your flexible denture with a soft denture brush using water only. Rinse again.

  4. Place your flexible denture in a denture cleaner as the cleanser’s manufacturer’s instructions.

  5. When possible, keep your flexible denture in clean  water when you are not wearing it.

  6. DO NOT use bleach, toothpaste, or similar cleaning products, these may scratch or discolor the surface of your flexible denture.

Other tips of caring your flexible dentures

1.   Do not drop it into hot liquid.

2.   In the cold morning, soak the flexible denture in the warm water for several minutes and make it easy to wear.

3.   When the flexible denture getting looser in the mouth(if not due to gum shrinkage or teeth problems), tighten the flexible denture clasps can make the denture tighter. Your dental prosthetist can help you tighten it in the denture clinic.

Example: upper two teeth cosmetic denture made of flexible denture material 

Cosmetic denture made of flexible denture material