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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures

What are Partial dentures?

Partial dentures are an option for replacing missing teeth. Partial dentures can be made from when you have one missing tooth until you have one natural tooth remaining. Sometimes, partial dentures can be the most cost-effective and fasted option for replacement of missing teeth. 

Partial Dentures Types

Need advice on partial dentures types available? We offer advice on different types of partial dentures and how they can help you speak, smile and eat confidently.

First, let us look at the types of partial dentures. Based on materials of partial dentures, four types of partial dentures are offeredat Bob Song Denture Clinic Parramatta. They are partial dentures acrylic, metal, flexible and metal-flexible combo. Based on the missing teeth position and numbers, our partial dentures include partial denture front teeth, partial denture front tooth, Partial denture back tooth, partial denture back teeth, partial dentures for front and back teeth, one tooth, upper, lower, no metal and without metal clasps. 

Then, we show you some partial denture pictures below.

  1. Partial dentures acrylic

    Partial denture acrylic

    Partial denture for front teeth and back teeth

  2. Partial dentures metal

    partial denture for back teeth

    Partial denture metal

    Partial denture upper

  3. Partial Dentures Flexible

    Partial Denture Flexible

  4. Partial dentures metal and flexible materials combo

    Partial denture metal and flexible materials

    More information on Flexible dentures, please click Flexible Partial dentures!

Partial denture pictures before and after

Exsiting Upper Metal Partial dentureNew Completedly metal denture

Old upper metal partial denture              New metal upper denture 


Without any dentures--- Beautiful smile with new upper and lower partial metal dentures 

Now, after observing the above pictures, you can choose your partial dentures based on the materials, missing teeth position and numbers, your comfort and looking. Of course the cost of Partial Dentures!

Cost of Partial Dentures

Looking for the cost of partial dentures? Our partial denture cost is from $599. Phone us today on 02 9687 6268 to get a high quality partial denture made with low cost at Bob Song Denture Clinic in Parramatta! You can confidently smile, speak and eat with your new partial dentures!

What is the Cost of Partial Dentures in Australia?

Cost of partial denture Australia may vary in different states, however, we try to keep our partial dentures cost suitable for your budgets in our Parramatta denture clinic. Partial denture cost is from $599 and affordable at our denture clinic. Phone us now on 02 9687 6268 to get a high quality partial denture made with low cost. 

How much do partial dentures Cost? What are the factors influencing the costs of Partial dentures?

There are some factors which can influence the cost of partial dentures Australia. Partial Denture Cost mainly Depends on the Partial Dentures Types

First factor, denture base materials used for making your new dentures will significantly influence your partial denture prices. Cast metal base partial dentures usually cost more than acrylic base dentures, because getting a cast metal base fabricated is more difficult and labour consuming. 

Second factor, the number of missing teeth will influence the partial denture cost too. One tooth partial denture generally takes less labour and cost than ten teeth partial denture. 

One Tooth Denture

Third factor, the location of missing teeth will influence the partial denture prices as well. For example, Tom lost three upper teeth and they were all next to each other in the front. Jack lost three upper teeth too; however, the three teeth were separately located in mouth. One tooth was in the front, the second tooth was at the left back, and the third tooth was at the right back. If same material partial dentures were made for Tom and Jack, Tom's would normally cost less thank Jack's.

Finally, there are other factors which may influence the prices of your partial dentures.

Cost of partial dentures at our denture clinic

Acrylic partial dentures From $599

Heat cure acrylic dentures will have extra cost.

Metal Partial Dentures From $999

Metal free clasps will have extra cost.

Are you looking for new partial dentures in Sydney? Please phone 02 9687 6268 today for an appointment at Bob Song Denture Clinic in Parramatta. Otherwise, book online. We will discuss the cost of partial denture with you at our clinic to suit your budget and plan. Your missing teeth can be replaced with our perfect partial dentures! 

Benefits of Partial dentures

How Partial Dentures can help you speak, smile and eat confidently?

·       Partial dentures can help your speaking by pronouncing correct sound

·       can help to restore your natural looking by replacing your missing teeth and tissues. 

·       can improve your eating by using more teeth

·       can prevent the opposing teeth from over erupting

·       can prevent other teeth from drifting

Frequently Asked Questions About Partial Dentures

1. Can I get a partial denture for single tooth?

Yes. Single tooth partial denture can be done for anterior teeth including central, lateral incisors or canines.  One tooth partial denture can also be done for posterior teeth including premolars or molars.

2. What are acrylic partial dentures?

Acrylic partial dentures are one kind of partial dentures whose major connector is made of acrylic. Components of acrylic partial dentures mainly include plastic major connector, metal clasps, metal occlusal rests and acrylic denture teeth. Sometimes, metal rod or mesh can be used to reinforce the acrylic plate.


3. What are metal partial dentures?

Metal partial dentures are the other kind of partial dentures whose major connectors are made of cast metal alloy. Most common type of cast metal base for partial dentures is chrome cobalt alloy. Sometimes Titanium alloy casting, or gold alloy casting are also used. Components of metal partial dentures mainly include cast metal alloy major connector, metal clasps, metal occlusal rests and acrylic denture teeth.

4. Are metal partial dentures better than acrylic partial dentures?

Both metal partial dentures and acrylic partial dentures have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of acrylic partial dentures:

·       Acrylic partial dentures are light on weight.

·       Denture teeth can be easily added onto acrylic partial dentures, if more natural teeth are missing in the future.

·       Acrylic partial dentures are generally less expensive than metal partials.

·       There is no metal taste in the mouth by wearing acrylic partial dentures.  

·       The color of the acrylic partial denture plate is looking similar to your gum.

Disadvantages of acrylic partial dentures:

·       Acrylic partial dentures are relatively thick to keep its strength.  

·       If you drop your acrylic partials, it may be broken.

Advantages of metal partial dentures:

·       Metal partial dentures can be made very thin and felt more comfortable in the mouth.

·       Metal partial dentures are very strong and hard to break.

Disadvantages of metal partial dentures:

·       Heavy weight if not made thin enough

·       Denture teeth can be difficultly added on if more natural teeth lost in the future.

·       Metal partial dentures are generally more expensive than acrylic partials.

·       Some patients do not like the metal taste.

·       Some patients are afraid of showing the metal color.

Depending on your oral and teeth conditions, some partial dentures can only work better with acrylic base. Other partial dentures can only work better with metal base. Generally, if both acrylic and metal partial dentures are suitable for your oral conditions, metal partial dentures will be better option.

5. Are my new partial dentures still needed to be adjusted ?

All new partial dentures will be adjusted at the issue day. After partial dentures were issued at our denture clinic, most patients will not experience any denture problems. Patients feel very comfortable about their new dentures. There is no pain, no issue. Most patients do not need to come for review and adjustment.

Occasionally, very few patients need to come back for adjustment. We always try our best to fix the problems of the new dentures.

6. Can I get partial denture for front teeth only if have both front and back teeth missing?

Yes. you can. However, we need to have a look at your teeth first and make the best options for you.

7. Can I get partial dentures without metal clasps? I have only front teeth left, but I do not like the metal clasp showing on my front teeth when I smile or open my mouth.

Yes. Flexible nylon clasp can be used to holding the plate in position. When you smile, gum color flexible clasps will make you feel more confidently.

After looking at the types, benefits and cost of partial dentures, are you looking to get partial dentures in Sydney? We can make well fitting, comfortable and natural looking partial dentures. Please call 02 9687 6268 today for an appointment at Bob Song Denture Clinic in Parramatta. Otherwise, book online at

The above partial denture price is only for partial denture base plate. Denture teeth, denture clasp, metal rests and all other denture components will be extra cost.